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Ensuring Effective Compliance

The challenge

Accurate and complete transaction reporting is a legal obligation. Yet many financial firms, even those with significant resources dedicated to this complex requirement, are falling short of regulatory expectations.  Quality assurance testing by regulatory specialists Kaizen Reporting has found that only 13% of MiFID II transactions are reported accurately.

The consequences of incorrect reporting are serious, and include regulatory scrutiny and sanctions, as well as the significant cost and resource involved in remediating incorrect reports. 

The solution

The PIMFA Transaction Reporting Academy (TRA) is an innovative, practical and results-focused learning experience that augments your core reporting skills while deepening your knowledge in key areas of the MiFIR reporting requirements. 

Preparing your firm for the highest levels of reporting

The PIMFA Transaction Reporting Academy (TRA) provides the advanced frameworks and tools you need to ensure your transaction reports are accurate, complete and timely. The course is designed for those fundamental to, or responsible for transaction reporting, and provides live online tutor-led learning, giving learners the knowledge and confidence to embed best practices in their firm’s approach to transaction reporting.

A unique learning experience

In contrast to one-day, one size fits all training courses where you only learn the essential elements in meeting the FCA’s transaction reporting, when you participate in TRA, you enter an immersive learning experience that ensures you can immediately apply what you’ve learned to real-world, day-to-day reporting situations through five live, tutor-led online sessions delivered over five weeks.